Our Portfolio

Here are samples of some of the hundreds of painting, siding and roofing jobs we have recently completed. Our outstanding workmanship and service is second to none in the Pacific Northwest. We keep our promises of:

  • Doing great work
  • Functioning within a budget
  • Getting the job done on time

You will be very pleased with the outcome of your project, whether it is a minor roof repair or a full remodel. Browse the photos below for examples of our roofing, siding or painting.

Portfolio fullfront_mid_DSC_0532Portfolio after_fullfront_after_DSC_0551
Portfolio 009-beforeafter-slideronePortfolio 009-beforeafter-slider-3

The above job started with a free quote and inspection for a leak. It was found that, on top of the leak, there were broken shingles and exposed nail heads, the plywood was rotten under the roof, the window was leaking, the old skylight had issues. These problems were caught before permanent structural damage was caused.

  • Repairs were made immediately
  • New roof, new siding and new paint job
  • The house looks like a brand new home with no leaks
Portfolio trial-1-1-1Portfolio backyard_after_DSC_0502

The owners wanted their house to have a new look that was fresh and that had a consistent color scheme. They contacted MBA Construction after hearing about the affordable rate for doing such a job as well as reading the positive reviews. MBA Construction completed painting the building and the owners were happy with the end result.

  • New trim
  • Full exterior paint job of building
Portfolio othercorner_before_DSC_0511-e1591637863885-1Portfolio othercorner_after_DSC_0547

MBA Construction was contacted about a house that needed new siding as a result of dry rot and external damage. It was found that the roof had minor damage as well. The roof was repaired and new trim was added and painted. The old siding of the whole house was removed and replaced with James Hardie siding, and the entire house was painted. (See the two photos above.)

Portfolio corner_before_DSC_0510-2Portfolio after001MBA-beforeafter-slider
  • Replacement of siding due to dry rot and new insulation installed
  • Full painting of the exterior of the building
  • Minor roof repair
Portfolio craig_1front_before_DSC_0431-1Portfolio after_craig_1front_after_DSC_0498




MBA construction was contacted regarding a paint job. The owners noticed that their house needed fresh paint since it had been a number of years since it was last painted, as well as the fact that there was cracking in the paint due to weather exposure.

  • Full painting of the exterior of the building
  • Repairs were made immediately