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Get ready for a massive curb appeal overhaul!

With more than 18 years of experience we set the standard for industry best practices.

We begin the job from the ground up with the goal of solving problems and protecting your investment. Replacing old siding can significantly affect how your house looks – your siding covers most of the exterior of your home. Siding is also your primary protection against harsh weather and moisture. Aging, worn out siding not only show a home’s age but also allow moisture in creating an environment for dry-rot and mold growth.

Following our standards of excellence ensures certification for the manufacturer’s warranty for James Hardie and LP siding.

Each job is unique, but typically involves:

  • Removing existing siding to expose problem areas. In some cases, it is necessary to resheet with plywood or CDX to maintain structural integrity and meet code.
  • Protecting the house with premium house wrap. It is a breathable material that allows for interior moisture to wick out and exterior moisture to stay out, much like you skin.
  • Using a starter strip to start the siding plumb and square.
  • Proper trim installation with flashing and a top cap for siding that covers the side legs that extend to the bottom edge of the lower trim piece. This allows for moisture to sheet away and not leak in around windows and doors.
  • Custom trim frames placed around all water and electrical utility devices on the exterior.
  • Premium siding is then installed with a stagger pattern following the rule of 3 so there is an even dispersal of seams over the walls face.

Does your home have mold?

Renovating your home can be one of the only ways to find the hidden molds that can grow in your walls, roof, and siding. If you roof, windows, or siding needs repair, don’t take the risk of living with black mold in your home. Some symptoms of long term exposure are:

  • Breathing or lung related issues
  • Irritation of the eyes, nose, throat or skin
  • Unexplained allergies, coughing, sneezing
  • Unusual fatigue or headaches that won’t go away

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We Use Sherwin Williams Products

We carry a full suite of Sherwin Williams products! We are a member of Sherwin Williams’s Certified Contractor Program.

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